Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Snakes, Snakes You must go
for I am mighty with a hoe

If with your family you long to stay
Be gone from my yard come what may

This has been my fear from the moment we moved in and I realized I was living in snake territory. I was moving the hose in our front flower bed when I came upon the late coral snake pictured above. Talk about "freaking out." By the way, we must use that expression in our household a lot because Brenna has used it twice today. As I am frantically trying to smash the snake in half with a long garden tool, I am calling for Nathan to no avail. Shaking in my boots, no wait... Shaking in my flip flops, I strike the poor creature repeatedly because it keeps moving. Finally Nathan comes to my rescue to make sure the snake is officially dead and dispose of him. What an afternoon. Needless to say, the original task of watering the yard never happened. Tomorrow is a new day.


Mindy said...

Aaaaak! That is worth using the phrase "freak out" over and over and over again! Glad you are safe and have officially earned the Snake Killer Girl Scout Badge!

Kelly said...

How are yall???? Yes you officially win the "snake killer award". So glad yall are all OK. Here's to NO more snakes...or atleast like that one!!